4 tutorials for a pretty, simple and discreet make-up


Want a nice simple makeup?

Have you been seduced by the great trend of nude spotted on the catwalks of the last fashion shows and you dream of being able to achieve a simple and discreet make-up? Bruno, professional make-up artist, shows us the right steps to follow to make up the complexion, the eyes and the mouth with lightness and glamour.

Simple and natural makeup for everyday life

Easy make-up is particularly practical in everyday life. To find your ideal “everyday makeup”, it must contain a limited number of but very effective products.

Simple but chic makeup for a night out

Whether we have little time in front of us or little experience, simple makeup is always practical for an evening. The trick? Concentrate either on the gaze or on the mouth. For this last option, nothing could be simpler: just put on a nice lipstick and a little mascara.

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If you opt for eye makeup, you can very well achieve a glittery makeup by applying an iridescent shadow on the mobile eyelid and a neutral beige or brown shadow in the hollow of the eye. Two eyeshadows will suffice. The secret ? Blend well! Then highlight the eyes with a pencil or go directly to mascara.

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Eye makeup is like shopping: there are things that suit us… and others, unfortunately, that don’t. Before stopping your choice on an eyeshadow and making a terrible mistake, we tell you how to make up your eyes to bring out the color of your iris without dulling it. With our step-by-step tutorials, it has never been so easy to have makeup adapted to the color of your eyes, which is simple and natural!

We guide you with our brown eye makeup tutorial:

Brown eyes leave a lot of possibilities of shades and ways to make them up. Prefer warm colors if possible to make them stand out. Gold/gold, blue, brown, and gray colors are also very interesting. Add a line of eyeliner along the lashes to enhance the final result and have a luminous effect.

We guide you with our green eyes makeup tutorial:

Apply a clear base to enlarge your look, especially if you wear glasses.

Put a dark shadow on the outer corner of the eyelid, from the outside to the inside.

Finish with a touch of highlighter to naturally enlarge the look.

By following our tutorial to make up your green eyes, you will naturally sublimate your look. Do not hesitate to perfect your evening makeup by opting for a volume mascara . If you opt for a plum tone, consider applying a concealer , because this shade does not forgive!

To achieve makeup for green eyes , all shades around “red” are preferred. We are talking about mauve, pink, plum, but also coral and orange, as well as copper or gray colors that will give intensity.

How to make up blue eyes for a natural result?

Steel blue, purple, aquamarine or deep blue… to make up blue eyes, you have to work on your make-up according to its shade. Without overloading, bet on simplicity and rather cold colors to magnify this color.

We guide you with our blue eyes makeup tutorial :

Put on your eyelid a clear base to enlarge your look, especially if you wear glasses.

For a “wow” effect, choose a shadow with orange pigments, such as copper or bronze.

Finish with a line of black pencil if you want to intensify your look.

For a perfectly natural result, don’t use too much mascara with blue eyes, unless it’s for a special occasion like a wedding or a romantic evening.

Make-up artists recommend not using tone-on-tone shades close to those of your eyes at the risk of extinguishing your look.

Blue eyes will stand out thanks to a subtle play of contrasts. The make-up color that will make your eyes stand out the most will be orange, or similar tones, such as copper, iridescent or golden colors. To accentuate the effect, apply eyeshadow in shades of brown to taupe at the root of your lashes. Finish with a light line of eyeliner .

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