How to properly moisturize dry skin?

dry skin

The right gestures for a soft and nourished skin every day

Does your skin feel tight? Is it fragile, sensitive to hot or cold and it lacks flexibility? No doubt, your epidermis shows signs of dehydration. In summary: it lacks water and is more attacked by external events. Your skin no longer plays its role as a barrier. Whether it’s the body or the face, it’s important to nourish your skin well and moisturize it so that it regains suppleness and firmness. How to stop having dry skin? Here are our key tips.

How to treat dry skin naturally? The routine to adopt!

Properly moisturizing dry skin requires the use of nourishing care products rich in active ingredients , specific to each area of ​​the body.

How to properly hydrate your body?

How to choose the texture of your moisturizing body product  ? The answer is up to you: it’s a question of comfort and sensation above all. There are now many textures of moisturizers among which you will find what you are looking for: more or less rich rehydrating creams, repairing balms, body milks with flowery or fruity scents… Also think of shower gels or oils that nourish and satin the skin from the shower.

And take advantage of this moment to give yourself a gentle exfoliation for the body from time to time. This removes dead cells and ensures better penetration of moisturizers. Be careful, water that is too hot will tend to dehydrate already fragile skin.

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tip Did you know? The skin’s hydration needs increase with age and vary seasonally. Adapt the products you use and vary the textures according to these elements to best nourish your skin.

How to moisturize the skin of the face?

The skin of the face is the most exposed of the body. This is where the feelings of tightness are the most unpleasant. So, how to moisturize the skin of the face as naturally as possible? Everything goes through a regular and complete care routine that will make your skin smoother and more supple.

Morning and evening, gently cleanse the skin of your face. To remove make-up and cleanse without drying it out further, opt for surgras soaps, make-up remover milks or oils which have the advantage of nourishing your skin while purifying it.

Before applying your care, the use of a serum is recommended when you have dry skin. Their fluid and light texture boosts the effectiveness of the cream.

Then moisturize your skin with a day cream suitable for dry or dehydrated skin. In the evening, consider favoring night creams with richer textures for baby-like skin when you wake up!

Also remember to make moisturizing masks once or twice a week. These are real nourishing cures for the skin of the face.

Finally, treat yourself from time to time to a complete and moisturizing facial treatment for your skin in our Yves Rocher institutes.

To take care of your complexion, remember to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day and favor seasonal foods that contain water: melons, watermelons , cucumbers in summer for example


Hand washing, dishes, freezing temperatures… Every day, your hands are put to the test. The skin tends to dehydrate very quickly when faced with so many stresses or aggressions. The same goes for the feet which, confined in the shoes, support the friction of your steps every day. These parts of the body need specific moisturizing care.

To combat dry skin on your hands on a daily basis, don’t skimp on applying hand cream throughout the day. An easy reflex to adopt if you slip a tube of cream into your handbag, your desk drawer or the pocket of your car! Prefer creams based on Arnica or Shea, active ingredients recognized for their protective and nourishing action.

For your dry feet, we advise you to erase your calluses before applying a nourishing cream or a repairing balm. And why not complete with a pedicure in an institute before the summer? A great excuse to treat yourself to a nice manicure at the same time!

Yves Rocher Tip

Pamper your hands and feet in the evening: apply a thicker layer of care, like a “mask”. Massage your hands for a long time to make the excess penetrate and put on a pair of socks for the night to wake up with very soft feet!

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