Sustainability of the Western way of life

Western way of life

Lifestyle refers to the physical, psychological, social and economic values, interests, opinions and behaviors of an individual, group or community. “A way of life is expressed in the work, behavior, leisure and social patterns that we do – it’s a combination of what we do repeatedly.

What is the Whose Way of Life?

It includes the daily behaviors and functions of individuals in work, activities, pleasure and food. In recent decades, lifestyle as an important health factor has been of greater interest to researchers. According to the WHO, 60% of the factors linked to the health and quality of life of individuals are correlated with lifestyle (1).

What are the types of lifestyle?

Active lifestyle. If you are someone who is hyperactive, outgoing, or likes to always be busy or productive, this lifestyle is for you. Healthy Lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is closely related to an active lifestyle.Bohemian lifestyle.Nomadic lifestyle.Lonely lifestyle.Rural lifestyle.

What are examples of lifestyle activities?

This includes certain activities of normal daily living (also called lifestyle activities), such as gardening (for example, raking leaves or mowing the lawn) and housework (for example, mopping the floor). This also includes sports that are not vigorous, such as bowling and golf.

What does lifestyle mean?

Definition of “lifestyle”. way of life. The way of life of a particular person or group of people corresponds to the living conditions, behavior and habits that are typical of them or that they have chosen. They enjoyed an income and a lifestyle that many people would envy.

What is your lifestyle?

Therefore, a way of life is a means of forging a sense of self and creating cultural symbols that resonate with personal identity.

Does the lifestyle need a hyphen?

For many terms, it is often perfectly acceptable to freely choose from open, hyphenated, and closed alternatives, even if the term has been used in English for an extended period of time (e.g. lifestyle, style lifestyle or lifestyle).

What are the two types of lifestyle?

So here are the ways to find out which lifestyle is right for you.

The American way of life, popularized by the cinema, has spread since World War II to Western European countries and several developed countries of the world. Some products have become universal symbols.

However, the question of the sustainability of this way of life has been raised for several years, with the emergence of sustainable development issues . So, if everyone on Earth had the same way of life as a North American, it would take about six Earth-like planets to feed all of its inhabitants. Indeed, the ecological footprint of a North American corresponds to six times the biological capacity of the Earth 1 . A crucial point is constituted in particular by our strong dependence on oil , but there are many others such as dependence on metals, overconsumption of drugs and diseases linked to lifestyle .

Lifestyles are among the factors that affect greenhouse gas emissions . They are themselves influenced by global warming , without this necessarily being the only factor. A prospective study 2 is devoted to lifestyles in 2050.

The French expert Jean-Marc Jancovici thus considers that climate change , which is much talked about, is first and foremost a problem of lifestyle choices

The American expert Lester R. Brown considers that the current Western way of life results from the industrial revolution , which released a gigantic creative energy, due to additional productivity . It unfortunately corresponds to the most destructive era for the environment that human history has ever known 4 .

When the evolution of the way of life is undergone and results from a threat coming from one or more different cultures, one speaks of cultural insecurity .

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